UQreview was created in March 2014 by UQ Business student Luke Beacon. The intent in creating this website was to open up the information stream to students. Previously, students relied on their friends to gain information about which courses are high quality, but this was often hindered by the lack of knowledge on behalf of their friends. UQreview is intended to be an open network of reviews and ratings of courses and lecturers submitted by students, free to all.

UQreview intends to become the best course rating website by focusing solely on the University of Queensland. By targeting just one university, we can make sure all of the course information is clean, up to date, and well presented. Being UQ centric also helps with the promotion of UQreview, as it is easier to reach students.

UQreview is a not-for-profit initiative dedicated to supplying students with information about their courses.

UQreview is officially sponsored and supported by the UQ Union. UQreview and the UQ Union partnered on the 1st of September 2014 to bring more students a better experience. The UQ Union is covering running costs of the website (hosting, domain rental), and opens up multiple promotional opportunities to spread the word.

Our Partners

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