ANTH2020 – Anthropology: History, Theory, Practice

Lecturer Dr Victor Igreja
Course Link UQ Site
Faculty HASS
Prerequisites AY100 or ANTH1008 or (AY101 + 102)
Contact Hours 3 Contact hours
Semester(s) Taught Semester 1
Course Units 2
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Learning Materials ( 84 )
Learning Activities ( 65 )
Blackboard Management ( 100 )
Course Content ( 100 )
Course Structure ( 78 )
Contact Availability ( 84 )
Course Difficulty ( 80 )

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ANTH2020 – Anthropology: History, Theory, Practice 84.4

Apparently the lecturer for this course changes every year so the workload could change in future. I took this course when Dr Cheryl Alipio was lecturer and she mentioned that she had cut the reading load in half from previous years, though I imagine the content is always the same. Despite the reading load being cut, this course is still extremely reading-intensive and I would recommend only taking three courses in a semester if you are studying this course. A group of friends and I shared weekly readings between us and we still struggled to get all reading done for classes. It's hard to skip any readings too, as everything is tested.
The assessments this semester included group tutorial presentations, a mid-semester take home essay, a final essay paper, a final exam, and marks for tutorial participation. All of these required a pretty good knowledge of what was in the readings, as often the lecture material gives the basics but you're required to show that you have the more in-depth knowledge from the readings.
The content spans decades of anthropological theory, and while very interesting and a good basis for further anthropological study, it's more like two semesters worth of content crammed into one.

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2015

Your program/major

Bachelor of Arts/Anthropology

Is lecture attendance necessary?

No - recorded online

Is the textbook necessary?

No - readings provided as pdf\'s

  • Lectures recorded and all reading materials provided as pdf's so no textbooks to read
  • Assessments do actually test your knowledge of the subject and aren't useless
  • Good basis for further anthropology subjects
  • Reading load is way too much if you're studying a full 4 course load
  • Group tutorial presentations and tute leading is a boring way of assessing students
  • Easy to fall behind if you miss even one class/lecture
Posted on June 26, 2015 10:24 am

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