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Jack Holmes
CHIN3110 – Spoken Chinese IIIB 31.6

This is a HSK4 PREPARATION course. This means that UQ Chinese takes three years to get you to HSK 3 / 4 - something which is achieved in 1 semester in China.
This is advertised as a speaking class, but in reality we would only get less than 1 minute of speaking time each, and the shy students get nothing. The teacher uses class time to ask us English questions, in English.

Having come back from a year in Hangzhou, I am very disappointed at the dismal state of UQ Chinese. The graduating class has not one student who is even conversationally fluent. Why bother?

PS: The class had more than a handful of students who could not string simple sentences together, i.e. 老师,我听不懂 / 这是什么意思? and cannot answer questions such as 你为什么想学中文? / 你毕业后想做什么工作?

How can we graduate and not be able to answer what are essentially HSK 1 - 2 level questions? An utter shambles.

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Semester 2 - 2016

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BA (Chinese)

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  • Easy Content
  • Teachers will pass anyone - regardless of their ability
  • Great chats (In English)
  • Lazy teaching
  • No focus on speaking aspect of Chinese
  • Boring exercises and useless vocab
Posted on December 7, 2016 7:40 pm

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