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CIVL3141 – Catchment Hydrology 38.0

I took this course in Sem 2 2018. In this year, it was run by Badin Gibbes. Lets start with the positives:
- Badin is a fantastic lecturer, has a clear and easy to listen voice
- Mid Sem and Final Exam include T/F and MCQ which are very doable if you do study from past exam papers and know the answers to them (Look at googledoc given on past year on facebook pages)
- Ok interesting content

- Badin lacks any care to give when it comes to helping you
- The short answer questions on Final Exam are pretty difficult ( He is pretty strict on part marks)
- The 2 assignments are awful and again, goodluck trying to do well on them ( pray you have a good team and ask tutors for help is the only way)

That being said, Mid-Sem and Final Exam both contain the MCQ and T/F questions and are equally worth 50% in each exam. I scored almost 100% in each exam as he recycles the same questions from the last 4 years in past exams and through questions in lecture notes. Therefor, this course is not difficult to pass, however, is difficult to get a 6 or 7.

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  • Badin can speak clearly
  • Fairly easy course to PASS
  • Very difficult course to get a 6 or 7
  • Badin doesn't help you
  • Assignments are awful
Posted on November 29, 2018 8:38 pm

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