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COMP3702 – Artificial Intelligence 29.3

This course was sub par, and in no way, met my expectation for an ITEE course it is one of the worst, I have had in ITEE.
1. Piazza is not just used as a forum of discussion, it is also used for announcements. Announcements should be made on the blackboard website - like every other course I have had!
2. Curriculum
I do not think this course teach a standard curriculum. Why did we learn Motion Planning algorithms like PRM and EST and RRT, these are not typical AI courses. Why did we learn formal Logic, we never used it. Our first topic of this course, should have been MDP's.

3. Assignments.
3.0 All the assignments released, required knowledge that was only taught, after the assignment was released. You would be given an assignment, and have no clue, how to approach the problem, because they we're not covered in class yet. you we're always hesitant to start the assignment, because you were not sure, if in the next week, a new, better method was going to be taught to you, that would help solve your assignment in a much easier way. Content of the assignment, should be taught BEFORE the assignment is released.
3.1 Assignments were not released on schedule. This course was was meant to have 3 assignments, but instead, we had two assignments due by the end of semester, and a third small assignment, due during exams.
3.2 Assignments were never discussed in the class
3.3. Assignment 1 is irrelevant to AI
3.4 Assignments should be individual. Assignments should not be so complex, that a group needs to be evolved.
4. Tutorials and practicals where mixed. Most of the time, my tutorials were just theory, I never had the opportunity to ask assignment related questions.
There was never any opportunity to ask about the assignments in my tutorial, because my tutor spent all his time, going through the tutorial questions.

I took This course in semester 2- 2015. The system does have this available yet.

Semester taken

Semester 1 - 2015

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no - but its a good book

  • text book is good
  • tutors a quite good
  • Not a typical AI course - content is not what you'd think
  • Assignments are complex.
  • Assignment knowledge is taught, after they are released.
Posted on October 31, 2015 11:34 am

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