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IBUS2301 – International Business Management 52.2

Moderators Note: The course coordinator and tutor is different between Semesters 1 and 2.

Well, let's start with the positives first about this course.

Your tutor is probably going to be Preston, who is absolutely fantastic. He is always well-prepared, insightful and engages his course to be interactive and to ask questions. He cares about his students and his passion for teaching inspires you to succeed.

The course itself isn't horrible, however be aware that many of the final exam questions will come based off of information given in the lecture. Since the lecturer does not record the lectures, you must attend in order to succeed in this course. For example, one final exam question was, "Based on the video that we watched in lecture, What is the MIWI? Explain how this impacts foreign trade". If you did not attend the lecture (which most didn't; I was there and counted a whopping 20 students that day) then you probably missed out on 10% of your entire grade.

You. Must. Go. To. Lecture.

Also, the lecturer believes that there is no such thing as "National Culture", even though there is insurmountable evidence supporting otherwise. He published an article on it and was assigned as reading. You bet there was an exam question on that as well.

You can use a previous edition for the textbook to be honest; the current edition actually has less information than the previous edition. However, the current edition has "Quick Questions" that'll help you better comprehend what is actually being covered in the chapter. I recommend doing those over anything else to help study for exam time.

Lastly: the project. The project itself is very easy and straight-forward. Preston will assign you into groups the first day of tutorial (be picky where you sit?) and then you'll be assigned a topic to present. Very straight-forward, just make sure to follow all of Preston's instructions to the letter in order to get a top mark.

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Semester 1 - 2014

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Business Management - Marketing & International Business

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  • Excellent Tutor
  • Not too difficult of a course
  • Questionably qualified lecturer
  • Lecturer will read off notes most of the time
  • Lots & Lots of reading!
Posted on July 18, 2014 11:25 pm

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