Each supported course and lecturer has their own page which lists a few details about them. Average ratings for that course/lecturer are shown, as well as individual ratings/reviews. You can leave a review on any item you want, but you can only leave one per item. We also have lists of all courses/lecturers that have been reviewed so far. Additionally, we have ‘Top Lists’ which show lists of courses sorted by certain things such as Top Rated, Lowest Rated, Most Rated, etc.
Unfortunately we do not currently support every course at every level at every campus. We currently only support undergraduate courses taught at the St Lucia Campus, and the lecturers that teach them. We will be supporting more courses in the future, such as postgraduate courses and those from other campuses. If you think we are missing a course that we are supposed to support, tell us!
No you do not. You can post reviews without registering an account. At the moment, registering an account will automatically fill in your details when leaving a review. We plan on integrating more features into this website and have set up account creation early so that everyone can get in early.
Yes. Absolutely. We want to keep the information on this website as valid and correct as possible. If you have not taken a course then you should not be submitting a review for it. We cannot check if you have taken the course, however there isn’t any reason for you to submit a review for a course you haven’t taken… Please only submit reviews for courses you have taken. Thank you.
Unfortunately a service like this is ripe for exploitation and malicious intentions. We do not tolerate libel or personal attacks towards staff, so we must moderate every review. We do accept negative reviews, however they must be constructive and informative. We do not accept low forms of arguments such as ad hominem or insults. If there is a very negative review with no reasons posted, it will not make it through moderation.
We don’t. UQReview is a non-profit initiative that is not monetised in any way. Our running costs are covered by the UQ Union to ensure this website stays alive. All content updates are done for free by Luke.


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