Dr Carles Gutierrez-Sanfeliu

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Siobhan Barter
Dr Carles Gutierrez-Sanfeliu 97.5

Dr Carles Gutierrez-Sanfeliu is the dream tutor. He is like something from a novel - punctual, prepared, discreet, polite and courteous like he belongs to another era.

I have learned so much from Dr Gutierrez and continue to. He explains difficult concepts in ways that are easier to understand. He will explain different ways to express ideas and always challenges us to do more, read more, write more, watch Spanish film and generally be as immersed in the language as much as possible since that is how we learn. I am truly thankful to have Dr Gutierrez-Sanfeliu as my tutor.

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Spanish at IML

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Posted on November 3, 2021 4:05 pm

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